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OpenMAT 10 & UP

OpenMAT Program - A Multi Generational Student-centered, and all inclusive Movement Program for ages 10 & UP.

OpenMAT is an mixed age program (10 & UP) inviting intelligent introspection beyond the confinements of standardized forms and traditional rituals.

Built on a foundation of Mutual Respect, OpenMAT evolves as the student develops practical skills through practical applications with a critical thinking oversight.

OpenMAT Program is a learning through movement playground, a space we hold safe for everyone, regardless of their skill levels and/or individual differences.

OpenMAT focuses on partner work, strategy, real life applications, conflict resolution, and more. This class challenges the students to push through their physical, mental, and emotional limits, grow into their power, and learn how to use their skills as they navigate daily life pressures and conflicts.

OpenMAT classes are set on continuous enrollment. You can start at any time a spot is open and you can cancel your membership at any time (note: you will lose your spot once you cancel). Monthly credits DO ROLL OVER as needed.

1 x week: $64 / student / month (TUE)
2 x week: $95 / month (TUE + THUR)
10% OFF for additional siblings
INCLUDED in the KineOasis Unlimited Family Membership.

Multiple Family Members taking our classes? Our UNLIMITED Membership includes ALL classes and ALL Family Members (Kids, Parents, Grandparents)

Join Us and Experience the Difference!

Additional Details

The OpenMAT and Grasshoppers Method is the result of Bogdan's personal journey through life and through Martial Arts studies including encounters with countless fellow practitioners, students, and instructors over 40+ years of "hitting the mats".

"The Grasshopper Method emerged as a combination of all the knowledge passed onto me or as a result of my passionate exploration of movement principles applied within the context of my real day to day life. It is - as the saying goes - my way of life and living."

Please join us on a journey of curiosity and exploration of Martial Arts. We offer a Family-friendly exploratory Martial Arts Program for all ages and all skills and a FREE ONLINE COMMUNITY away from marketing, ads, and all that digital pollution.


"It was a pleasure to have our child attend Grasshoppers martial Art class. The teacher, Bo, has a unique way of training the students by making them understand the technique and encouraging movements that are in-sync with mind-body-brain system. This is a holistic way for teaching anything. As a teacher, Bo demonstrates high skills, in-depth knowledge of his subjects, yet, maintaining a playful atmosphere and friendly approach! We wish Grasshoppers club the best!"
Kuldeepa VM, Mom, Founder, Co-organizer - Ascending Aesthetic


"Coach Bo was structured, disciplined, and organized with his classes he provided for the kids. He maintained high expectations but was also fun and engaging at the same time. The kids loved every moment with Coach Bo!!"
Callie Stout, Mom

"My son took a short course with Bo and didn't want it to end. This was his first introduction to body mind awareness, which I think is a vital skill in this day of overstimulation. Although my son hasn't quite mastered the meditation portion, I appreciate the applicable skills Bo taught as well as the blast the kids had rolling and jumping!"
Melissa, Mom

"Bo has been so great for my two boys. The skills and lessons were so well thought out and executed but beyond that Bo is a wonderful calm presence. It is often hard to find good male role models today but Bo has been that for my boys."
Sarah, Parent


"The positive impact that Bo has had with our students takes your breath away. Some of our students have significant challenges with trust, boundaries, confidence, etc. Bo is able to help them see things in a different way. His teachings provide life-long tools that students can draw from as they face obstacles. Bo truly is a gift in our community!"
Debbie Caperton - SOS Learning Lab, LLC
"Bo has had a great impact on the students at the Northern Michigan Partnership. I highly recommend him. He draws respect from his students and captivates their interest while at the same time maintaining high expectations."
Chris Davis - TCAPS

"I can't say enough about how passionate Bo is about his trade and how talented he is in sharing his skills with others. He is very hard working, dedicated, and reliable. It has been a pleasure working with him and seeing the amazing growth in each of the children he has trained."
Rose Marie Zivkovich - Director, Northern Michigan Partnership/TCAPS

"I have been training with Bo for a couple of years at the Northwest Michigan Aikido Club in Traverse City, Michigan. He is one of the best instructors I have trained with. He has a deep knowledge of Aikido and his techniques are effective. He is able to demonstrate and teach fundamentals of Aikido in clear and understandable terms, to students of all levels. My understanding of Aikido has significantly improved under his tutelage.
I have also assisted Bo with some of his kids classes. He has that unique talent of being able to engage kids and work with them on their level. Keeping 8-10 year olds focused for a two hour aikido class is not something for the timid to attempt, and Bo is good at it."
Dan Kaiser 

* Financial Assistance: We offer Financial Assistance options for all of our Programs and Classes. Available on a case by case basis. Please contact us as needed.
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